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At What Cost

Jennifer Taylor

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


About the Trilogy Missing Picture - Book One - There’s never a dull moment on 9th avenue located in the inner city of Birmingham, AL. Block parties, music and barbecue smoke fills the air. Get to know Terrance, Pookie, Troy, Latonja and Charlene. Pookie has a secret that will destroy the friendships. How does Terrance and the other friends cope with their changing friendship as they grow into young adulthood. What will they do with the secret they have discovered? One Who is Loved – He’s young successful and met the girl of his dreams. Terrance’s life is going as planned. The moment he laid eyes on Priyanka; she captured his heart. Calculating and chased by her past, little does Terrance know that Priyanka’s desires are twisted. Terrance is blinded by his love while his friends are left with questions. Will Terrance ever find out who she really is? "Why does this keep happening to me? What did I do to deserve such unrest in my life!" Relationships begin, blossom, and occasionally burst in this tale of a woman’s life gone completely off the rails. From her teenage years through young adulthood, we follow the starts and stops of a protagonist who plays with others’ lives like the strings on a violin. The music being heard, however, is a cacophony of trickery, treachery, and even homicide. In a contemporary narrative chronicled out of sequence, two people meet and fall in love. One is a pillar of honesty, graciousness, and compassion. The other is the epitome of falseness, amorality, and indifference. Their initial electric attraction to one another is powerful, but it begins to slowly disintegrate as events begin to snowball, events that shine a revealing light on secrets one tries desperately to keep hidden. Eventually, murder and more become part of what one will do to hold onto the other. How far can the bands of love stretch before they break violently? Author Taylor spins her yarn with a firm hand on the loom. She creates vivid characters that become instantly identifiable when she wants them to be, like the noble Terrance and the uncontrollable Natalie. She’s also capable of making characters mysterious, such as the enigmatic Priyanka. Taylor keeps readers on their toes with shifting time frames and multiple points of view. Her pace is swift, with her prose filling in any comprehension crevasses, while her dialogue adds spice to the flesh and blood of the people populating her pages. book review by Joe Kilgore At What Cost- The pages are turning for Priyanka. Her beauty continues to hide her deceit but her past continues to chase her. Will she forget about Terrance in her new life and live her life as she always has by destroying those who love her and if so, at what cost to others; at what cost to herself? How long and how far can she run or hide from murder, treachery, and lies.

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Jennifer Taylor, Trilogy, suspense, fiction, mystery