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A Game for Fools


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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Tarrell Benson AKA Snacks is one of Newark’s most respected men. While in prison, one of Snacks’ closest family members gets murdered. Snacks vows to get even with the ones responsible for his cousin’s death if it’s the last thing he does. While finishing up the last of his prison bid in the halfway house he meets Amanda. Meeting Amanda changes his life drastically. Not only does Amanda have Snacks questioning his long-time relationship with the mother of his only daughter but she herself is the daughter of a well-known Kingpin, Pedro Martinez. Upon Amanda’s introduction of Snacks to Pedro, Pedro makes Snacks an offer that will make him a rich man. But will Snacks be able to focus on getting money or will his determination to get even for his cousin’s death leads to his own demise? Or will Snacks win playing a game for fools?

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A Game for Fools, Fiction, Milton "Murda" Latham, Murda