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Run to Win

How to … Improve Your Run into Eternity

David Romero

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You may never have thought of yourself as a runner, much less a marathon runner. The thought may even be repugnant to you as memories arise of high school Physical Ed. class or some other sport you may have been coerced into. You may say: “I am not a runner and have no desire to be one. Or, the idea is so foreign to me that it would take a miracle from heaven to make me change my mind.” The fact is you are a long-distance runner whether the thought is appealing to you, or not. We all run the race, however different courses. You are running the course of life God has set you on. Here are some things to consider. Are you on that course or, have you taken a wrong turn along the way and not sure where your original course is? Some of us have been running for years off courses, while others or relatively new and may not even know we have a given course to run. So why not consider getting back on course and running as efficiently as possible avoiding many obstacles along the way and cross the finish line strong. We all live life “on the run,” however far that span of years may be. We all carry baggage that often hinders our forward progress. With good training found in the Word of our creator we can discard unnecessary weight and run more efficiently. His desire is that we run the exact course He has set us on and run at a pace we can sustain for the distance. He provides all the support and direction we need if we only seek it. He is present when things do not go as they should. When we fall, He is nearby to pick us up and brush us off to run again. Our assurance in Him is, He will be there to hand us the trophy of eternity when we cross our finish line.

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