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After Three

Shanette Pullum

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Your chance of breathing is always the most beautiful part of life. Life can only be better by your choice, strength and belief. You have the potential to be the best of what you choose if you believe in yourself. Although you might encounter downfalls and struggles your determination will help you to achieve your goals. This book contains poems depicting many fascinating things. They are written for fortitude, love and most of all happiness. You can wake up and enjoy the taste of nature, love and resilience in one book. The poems are relatable to the firsthand experiences of the social aspects of the author. Shanette grew up and was educated in a Caribbean country. She was educated at the Saint Elizabeth Technical High School, Bethlehem Moravian Teachers College and the International University Of The Caribbean all located in Jamaica. In the Caribbean she earned a teacher’s diploma and went on further to obtain a degree in Primary Education. She taught at the primary level for a number of years in schools in Jamaica. She recently migrated to the United States of America and is presently working with children with special needs. Being a teacher the love for educating children has taken up a major part of her heart. Now she has extended her love through writing in order to contribute to the lives of individuals. She knows that one of the vital roles in society is having a positive influence on others. It is hoped that these poems will immediately interest and involve the readers. As you turn the pages of this book you will have the opportunity to respond imaginatively to stories depicted through poetry. The geographical and cultural boundaries portrayed provide the opportunity for readers to become aware of what happens at other times and in other places.

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Shanette Pullum



poetry, inspirational, motivational