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Strike One; You’Re Out

Frederick Smith

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Christentum


This book is written basically for Christians. The unsaved will not know these scriptures and stories I refer to. But even they can see them, and get curious enough to accept Christ. There are scriptures especially in Revelation that even Christians have never heard before. Ask yourself why you were never taught these things in church? Christians must start a personal and serious Bible study on their own. The Lord will guide if you will use what He shows you for His work. He doesn’t waste knowledge on people who will not use it. “Cast not thy pearls among the swine”. I pray this book either out of conviction, interest or fear, makes you really get into the Bible. Then re-think seriously what you have been taught while we still have time. “If the blind lead the blind BOTH fall into the ditch”. My punishment [and all Teachers] will be much worse if I, or they mislead you. We go to the Lake of Fire.

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spirituality, Christianity, religious