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No Wax

A Memoir of the Divine

Delphi O. Gadfly

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Pythia goes down the dark rabbit hole as she reawakens the capabilities of sensing and channeling spirits as a divine medium and opening a side to herself that she had never shared before. By and by, she faces her convictions of inherited mishaps that she had to heal and overcome, leading her to tell the tale of making it another day. Pythia shares how she dives into the practitioner skills of her psychic energy, tarot, mysticism, planet and zodiac interpretation, and her bumpy dating life as she finds what makes her tick. Despite her isolation from the world, she finds strength in solitude.  Pythia finds the courage to share her visions, hang-ups, and findings as she uncovers the practical magic that she possesses. She gives a new take on life through the experiences and changes the course of her dimensions by helping others tell their story using the natal birth chart, synchronicities, and astrological communication that the Universe provides in front of our eyes and shows that we are all connected, and it influences us all. Pythia finds herself with the inner key within to help others through pain spurts of chronic illness and mental health challenges studying her own body and mind in a not-so-typical manner of dancing a fine line between sanity and faith. Above all else, a self-discovery that heals the inner child and a new love for oneself—perfectly made with imperfections and all, without wax.