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The Wildly Whimsical Tales of Gracie and Sniggles

Magical Mo

Teressa Hill

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Spring had sprung, as this adventure had begun. One day in May, Gracie, her dog, Sniggles, Bob the crow, Lucy the cat and Ziggy the squirrel, met a caterpillar named Mo. He wasn’t like the other insects, he felt different. He had feelings deep down inside that sometimes made him cry. All he could do was crawl, but that wasn’t all; he wanted to fly, but he didn’t know why. On that sunny day in May, after having a snack, Mo took a nap. Much to their surprise, when they checked on him, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Mo was in a different place, incased in a different space. They decided to take Mo to Mr. Finkelstein, who always knew what to do. “Mo needs to get to Cocoon Cove!” he exclaimed. Follow Gracie and Sniggles on this whimsical adventure through Willow Woods, across Rainbow Road, and onto Cocoon Cove.



Adventure, Magical, Teressa Hill, Juvenile