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The Sacred Band Trinity

Part 3 Grail

James MacTavish

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The Sacred Band Trinity concludes with the remaining Red Dragon members in a race against time to prevent Lady Morgan Worthington and her White Dragon acolytes fulfilling an ancient prophecy that would reshape the world. Luke Allen possesses the fabled blade of Excalibur, but must understand its true nature in order to wield it, whereas younger brother Adam conflicted by grief and duty as a Sacred Band warrior. The mysteries of King Arthur and the Round Table unfold before them both, and to prevent centuries worth of history repeating once more, they and their allies must stand and confront the power of the Trinity - the foundation of many faiths - and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect those they love. Even if this means making the ultimate sacrifices.

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Adventure, LGBT, Fantasy, Legend, Myth