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The Misconceptions of Love

L. W. Antoine

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Al is a young man who, despite his spiritually structured upbringing and his written examples of the perfect existence, experienced an unorthodox and provisional life before settling into unwavering permanence.
In a true chronicling of Al’s experiences, L. W. Antoine shines a light on Al’s journey through a twisted pattern of unstable relationships to a place of steadfastness. In his younger years, Al’s mission was to spread love. Yet the way he mismanaged his understanding of love contradicted the purpose of his mission, causing him to digress irresponsibly before deciding to return home like the prodigal son. But it was not until he came to terms with reality and became determined not to repeat history that Al was finally able to rekindle a relationship with his first love, solidifying his stance on what he always believed love should be. Through the candid retelling of Al’s story and his pursuit of happiness, others will gain a better understanding of love while avoiding the valley of misconceptions.
The Misconceptions of Love is a powerful memoir that tells the story of a man determined to invalidate fallacies, live a fulfilling life, and find true love

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love, memoir, misconceptions, philosophy, relationships, family, spirituality