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Condensed Wisdom of Herb Fitch Volume Three

Letters to Faithful Witnesses

Stephen and Lynn Jay

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“If I may be allowed a personal purpose, it is that through this Revelation, we may feel the presence of God.”
—Herb Fitch, San Francisco 1968

Condensed Wisdom of Herb Fitch, Volume 3: Letters to Faithful Witnesses presents an enlightening version of Herb Fitch’s interpretation of the Revelation of St. John. Authors Stephen and Lynn Jay began it in 1991 with Herb’s blessing and his delight as it progressed. Their purpose was to hone the manuscript of more than one thousand pages they had transcribed for Herb in 1988, making its length more palatable for publishers without compromising the integrity or quality of Herb’s original work.

The intent was to complete the twenty-five tapes of the series, but the project was delayed when Herb called Steve into the work as an Infinite Way teacher at his 1993 Easter Seminar, ushering in a tidal wave of spiritual activity. At that time, the first nine tapes of Herb’s Revelation series had been condensed into an introduction, as well as the seven letters to the churches. It was a challenging and rewarding undertaking, one worth revisiting today and presented complete as is, powerfully packed to enlighten and inspire.

This collection, the third of three volumes, offers a message of Spirit to those who, through the desire to be faithful witnesses, open their faculties of Soul to receive deeply and pour forth lovingly

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