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Brewing Kane

Omar Daniels

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Kane was an assassin. Strictly small time, but he was good at it. His cold exterior was perfect for the job and there was always a steady stream of hits to be done and people to be killed. But it all came at a price.

Leaving his past behind, Kane sought to begin a new life that was quieter and more peaceful; one where he could enjoy his family and be free from looking over his shoulder, wondering when his own time would come.

One last hit was all it took, and he was free.

Now, 10 years on from that last job and events lead Kane back into the murky world he thought he'd left behind. But things are different now. People he onced counted on a have shifted allegiances. Every person he once trusted is now the enemy and Kane is alone in a dangerous world.

With only his wits and a solitary ally by his side, he must stay one step ahead to stay alive. With the odds stacked against him in a high stakes game, does Kane still possess the skills to do the job he's always done?

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contract killer, adventure, dark fiction, assassin, violence, vendetta, action, criminal network