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The Intimate Blend

Our Longing for Oneness

Gail Smith

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Ratgeber / Familie


In The Intimate Blend, author Gail Smith offers an invitation to explore close, authentic, and even intimate relationships in this age of hi-tech, instant connections. From age ten to now age eighty-three and through her current journey of widowhood, she’s enjoyed inspiring relationships on many levels. Some of the common projects and pursuits have included catching crickets for bait, building a treehouse, starting a Christian school, and touring Israel.

Culled from sermon notes, Bible study fellowship, precept sessions, conferences, book studies, devotional materials, scripture passages, and Facebook posts, this book gives encouragement to emerge from longing and separateness and move forward to merging, meshing, and blending in family life, friendship, marriage, and the singular life. For example, “To have a friend, is to be one.” The “being” comes before the “having.”

The Intimate Blend shares life principles and provides suggestions for ways to explore the possibilities of intimacy and then enhance connections throughout the various seasons of life.



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