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Accidental Diplomacy

Dominic Man-Kit Lam, Jeffrey Busch

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Belletristik / Essays, Feuilleton, Literaturkritik, Interviews


As Commander Wong gazes into the vastness of the South China Sea from the deck of a Chinese Navy ship, he is alerted that a US Navy battleship is approaching. Meanwhile as Admiral Smith stands in the control room of the US battleship, three Chinese jets fly overhead and warn the crew that they are in foreign waters. But neither leader has any idea that in mere seconds, everything is about to change. After a computer glitch prompts a US Navy lieutenant to make a split-second decision to take down two of the Chinese aircraft with missiles, the Chinese retaliate and launch their own attack. While Russia and others push China toward war, a peace summit is called. But can the sworn enemies who are leading the summit find a way to utilize diplomacy, cultural understanding, and friendship to stop a Third World War from unfolding? In this political thriller, a computer error prompts an unplanned battle in the South China Sea between two superpowers with the potential to cause a Third World War.



Jackie Chan, computer error, war, national defense, China, thriller, Diplomacy, Russia, foreign policy