Theological Understanding of Power for Poverty Alleviation in the Philippines

With Special Reference to US-Based Filipino Protestants in Texas

Yohan Hong

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This book calls attention to the sense of powerlessness of everyday people in the Philippines, and to the missional agency of US-based Filipino Protestants. Through a variety of sociological-theological-missiological perspectives, this book guides you to a journey of discovering what kind of power is in play, how the fallen powers can be named and made visible, and then ultimately the ways through which power should be restored. In this process, the voices, perceptions, stories, and insights of US-based Filipino Protestants are referred to. Filipino American Protestants are no longer "e;forgotten Asians"e; in the US. Instead, they actively perceive, negotiate, and exercise power in everyday life, and strive to wield their missional agency in response to God's calling for the transformation of their homeland Philippines, which has been seldom investigated in the academia of Diaspora Missiology and Intercultural Studies.

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