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A Biblical Guide to the End of the World

David Murdoch

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Many exciting theories abound for how the world will end--asteroids, alien invasions, global climate collapse, the sun becoming a red giant--but would you consider one of them to be a glorious, immense wedding that takes place over thousands of years? Do you know you have an invite to be part of that fantastical event and escape the coming doom? God wrote our future history in the Bible and has wrapped it all up once and for all. There is no need for new ideas, theories, amazing modern prophets. It is all in there waiting for your observation and thought, teaching and discernment. This matter-of-fact study walks you through the end times biblical prophecies and writings to help see where we are, what has happened, and what is still to come. No need for the modern-day, fast-paced confusion and half-truths--just find a comfy spot, open up the invite, and discover the facts about how the world ends.

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