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D. A. Wood

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


"Gods against gods, men against men, each kind / against each other: Who is in the right? / Truly, which ones could ever conquer Death?" So Laeya--the Canaanite goddess Athirat masked in human form--asks after a crucial battle. Situated in the interimperial turmoil of the Late Bronze Age, Canaad follows this heroine's journey as it dovetails with that of Aqhat, a refugee from the Levantine coast. After tragedy casts Aqhat into the desert, a prophecy affords him the opportunity to slay three deities before the year's end and thereby become divine himself. Determined to right the wrongs of those responsible for his community's suffering, he and his companions join forces with Laeya, setting out to permanently revolutionize how mortals and gods interrelate--with consequences that even the gods cannot fathom. At once a speculative and historically attuned study of religion, Canaad brings the Ancient Near East to life in tangible and dramatic form, weaving together largely unknown histories and numerous fragmentary myths from a Canaanite perspective.



Mythology, Inspirational and Religious, Ancient Near East, History of Religions, Canaan, Canaäd, Epic poetry, POETRY, D. A. Wood, Narrative Poetry, Subjects and Themes