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The Biographies of Jesus’ Apostles

Ambassadors in Chains

James Allen Moseley

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Apart from a few famous stories, like Peter walking on water, most readers of the Bible have only a vague notion of who Jesus' apostles were and what exactly they did. Yet, without knowing their adventurous lives, the full story of the Apostolic Age fades into a Sunday school cliche. Even the most popular books on the subject fail to fit all the puzzle pieces together. This book, gleaned from over a decade of teaching and study, takes you alongside the apostles, reveals the world through their eyes, and accurately retraces every known step of their lives. Imprisoned in Nero's Rome, Paul wrote, "I am an ambassador in chains." "Apostle" means ambassador, and these long-suffering ambassadors of Christ bore the gospel over tens of thousands of miles from Jerusalem to Africa, Europe, and Asia. They planted churches, had heavenly encounters, worked miracles, wrote all-time best-sellers, were shipwrecked, flogged, imprisoned, and martyred, and yet they turned empires and kingdoms upside down. Open this book and begin a journey of discovery, back to the first century, experiencing how, against all odds, these embattled and triumphant ambassadors in chains so perfectly fulfilled Jesus' Great Commission.



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