Sun and The Moon

Willa M. Scantlebury

ca. 16,99
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"e;The Sun and the Moon"e; is a thoughtful, ambitious, and deeply relevant exploration of love, life, and sexuality. This story follows the friendship of Robin and Tommy as they experience the growth - and growing pains - of their formative years. Although Robin has always wanted to be more than friends, Tommy is trying to come to terms with coming out. As their lives take off in two different directions, they explore love interests of their own, and their friendship is put to the test. Throughout this book, author Willa Scantlebury tackles important and difficult subjects, such as a young gay man coming to terms with his sexuality. In a world in which love can be daunting, this novel can offer comfort and connection to those who are going through similar experiences. Effective dialogue brings each character to life and Scantlebury handles the delicacy of feelings with care and authenticity. This timeless tale offers something for everyone. Part romance, part coming-of-age, this is a wonderfully relatable story filled with compelling characters and plenty of heart. Readers of all backgrounds will be able to discover meaning and value in "e;The Sun and The Moon"e;.

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