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Judgement Call

Tom Reilly

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Once again, Reilly has penned a fast-moving nail-biting thriller. The storyline takes place in modern-day Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, during the occupation of the US and coalition forces amidst of the Trump peace negotiations with the Taliban and the Ashraf Ghani Government, for the planned withdrawal of all US forces by the end of 2021. Jacky Evans, an up-and-coming CIA agent at the age of twenty-six, had not gone unnoticed by her superiors at Langley and when a vacancy arose as the result of the mysterious disappearance of Meg Rennie, the Deputy Director of the CIA in Afghanistan, she was the perfect candidate. Having gone through a difficult relationship, it was the ideal career change and an exciting new challenge in a foreign country, and Jacky eagerly accepted the promotion. Was Rennie still alive or in captivity? No terrorist organization had claimed responsibility as yet, and the CIA was at a loss. The advent of the FBI at the direction of the President to bring the case to an early close, only added fuel to the fire with the CIA Director Jack Ross, and the worst was yet to come for Evans, caught in a web of illegal gunrunning, the opium drug cartel, the Mafia, death, destruction, and murder commonplace. The unexpected twists and turns will keep the reader hypnotized in search of the answers, and what happens in the next chapter. An exciting thriller not to be missed.

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Judgement Call, action, fiction