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Universal Suffering

Whom Do We Blame? Understanding Its Mystery

Reynaldo Pareja

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Ratgeber / Ausbildung, Beruf, Karriere


The suffering that we humans experience every day, in some place on the planet, where does its comes from? Who produces it: nature, man, or God? Valid questions because the phenomenon is universal. Just listen to the news on radio or television; read a newspaper, a magazine or in the internet and soon you will hear or see some natural phenomenon causing tragedy, death, destruction in some part of the globe. When suffering is not caused by Nature, it is then produced by men hurting others. We also attribute God as the Cause of suffering. We do so because we believe that He is Almighty, and we thus question, why does He allow these tragic events to occur to his most precious creatures, us men? To make a judgment about the responsibility of each of these causes, it is necessary to make a dispassionate analysis, based on scientific data that allow us to understand that we reside on a living planet, in constant evolution, in cycles of manifestations of Life that have occurred over thousands of years of the planet’s evolution. Likewise, it is necessary to resort to an existential analysis and the ultimate meaning of Life to determine the role that man's freedom plays in defining his own and the destiny of others, while creating suffering. Finally, it is necessary to unveil the role that God plays or not in this process. This is necessary to find a satisfactory explanation to the enigmatic mystery that suffering poses.

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