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The Path to Inner Peace

Marisah Litezen

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Sachbuch / Sonstiges


Today’s world is in a state of heightened turbulence. Destruction, disease, evil, injustice, moral decadence, pollution, war and violence are raging in all corners of the planet. Most of its human population experiences a growing scarcity in material resources, while a small group of individuals appropriates too much of its natural wealth. People who are subjected to the disorderly and the depraved conditions of the world see no way out. Protests and movements of resistance to restore peace and justice bear some victories through our societies established legal systems. Nonetheless, just like an abscess, the purulent organized conspiracy to maintain environmental depletion and social inequalities creeps up in other aspects of daily survival. Fortunately, the Creator of the world has blessed all human beings with the power to control their inner reality. This gift enables us to liberate ourselves from external oppression, to promote the purification of our environment from all its ills, and to restore balance in our lives. We must shift our beliefs towards the Light within us. Reconciliation: The Path to Inner Peace depicts the author’s individual journey to reclaim her right to the Creator’s bestowment of power. May it inspire readers to search for this mutual blessing, and contribute to the healing of the world!

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