Assessing Young Children in Inclusive Settings

The Blended Practices Approach

Sullivan Lynn, Jennifer Grisham, Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, et al.

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Meaningful, authentic assessment practices are one key to the success of early childhood inclusion. Prepare current and future teachers with the second edition of this comprehensive textbook, an indepth guide to the how and the why of highquality assessment in the context of inclusive early childhood settings.Updated with an emphasis on equity and coverage of other critical topics, the second edition of this comprehensive textbook takes a blended practices approach to assessment in inclusive settings, combining recommended practices from early childhood education and early childhood special education. Wellknown experts Kristie PrettiFrontczak, Jennifer Grisham, and contributor Lynn Sullivan have developed this text to align with Division for Early Childhood Recommended Practices on assessment. Educators will learn how to select and use assessment instruments, conduct authentic assessment during daily activities and routines, collaborate with families and other team members, conduct eligibility assessments, use assessment to inform program planning and monitor progress, master the challenges of kindergarten assessment, and more.Ideal for both undergraduate and graduate courses and professional development programs, this comprehensive text gives teachers the knowledge and tools they need to implement highquality assessment and reap its benefits inclusive, familycentered programming that improves outcomes for all children.WHATS NEWNew section on considerations for special populations dual language learners, children in kindergarten, and children who have severe and multiple disabilitiesIncreased focus on educational equity throughout the bookNew and expanded coverage of important themes and topics, including authenticity, collaborative partnerships, and databased decision makingNew invited contributors who are experts in the field and advocates for early childhood inclusionMore practical materials, including new and extended case studies, a revised CurriculumBased Assessment Rating Rubric and glossary, and a list of recommended practicesOverview of revised versions of commonly used curriculumbased assessments, including AEPS3, COR Advantage, and Work Sampling SystemCompanion materials for faculty, including PowerPoints with links to activities and resources

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