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A Legacy Unrivaled

The Story of John Gagliardi

Boz Bostrom

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John Gagliardi, who served as the head football coach at Saint John's University from 1953 to 2012, won more college football games than any coach from any school or any level of collegiate ball. His innovative and unconventional approach to coaching --- including not allowing tackling during practices --- not only helped the team win nearly 500 games and four national championships, but he served as an inspiring leader, mentor, and father figure to hundreds of student-athletes over his 60 years as head coach. Gagliardi continues this role as teacher and mentor through his "Theory of Coaching Football" class, which is one of the most popular classes on campus every year.??A Legacy Unrivaled explores the man, his football philosophy, his life lessons, and his connections to others through a very personal journey by author and former player Warren Bostrom.