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The Enthusiast's Guide to Multi-Shot Techniques

49 Photographic Principles You Need to Know

Alan Hess

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If you’re a passionate photographer and you’re ready to take your work to the next level, The Enthusiast’s Guide book series was created just for you.

Whether you’re diving head first into a new topic or exploring a classic theme, Enthusiast’s Guides are designed to help you quickly learn more about a topic or subject so that you can improve your photography. These handy books don’t waste your time covering all the photography basics you already know. Instead, they build on that knowledge so you can quickly advance your photography skills.

The Enthusiast’s Guide to Multi-Shot Techniques: 49 Photographic Principles You Need to Know addresses what you need to know in order to shoot compelling images that require multiple exposures. Chapters are broken down into a series of numbered lessons, with each lesson providing all you need to improve your photography. In this book, which is divided into five chapters that include 49 photographic principles to help you create great images, photographer and author Alan Hess covers double exposures, high dynamic range (HDR) images, panoramas, time lapse images, focus stacking, and image stacking. Example lessons include:

  • Using a Flash to Create Double Exposures
  • Double Exposure Portraits
  • Tripod, Release, and Mirror Lockup
  • What Is Tone-Mapping?
  • The Need to Overlap Your Panoramas
  • Handholding for Panoramas
  • Software Settings for Image Stacking
  • Focus Stacking in Landscape Photography
  • Exposure Settings for Time Lapse
  • Doing the Math for Time Lapse Sequences

Written in a friendly and approachable manner and illustrated with examples that drive home each lesson, The Enthusiast’s Guide to Multi-Shot Techniques is designed to be effective and efficient, friendly and fun. Read an entire chapter at once, or read just one topic at a time. With either approach, you’ll quickly learn a lot so you can head out with your camera to capture great shots.



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