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The Enthusiast's Guide to Lightroom

55 Photographic Principles You Need to Know

Rafael Concepcion

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The Enthusiast’s Guide to Lightroom: 55 Photographic Principles You Need to Know teaches you how to get the most out of Adobe Lightroom, the most popular image-editing software on the market. Photographer and author Rafael "RC" Concepcion covers organizing, importing, developing, outputting, and sharing your images with Adobe Lightroom.

Chapters are divided into a series of numbered lessons, with each lesson providing what you need to get started on your journey to harnessing Lightroom's power in order to organize, process, and share your images. Lessons include:

  • Importing a Folder of Images into Lightroom
  • The Powerful Four—Exploring the Basic Panel
  • Clarity, Vibrance, and Saturation
  • Local Adjustments to Make Great Images Better
  • Creating Lightroom Presets
  • Setting Print Preferences
  • Finding Missing Files and Folders

Written in a friendly and approachable manner and illustrated with examples that drive home each lesson, The Enthusiast’s Guide to Lightroom is designed to be effective and efficient, friendly and fun. Read an entire chapter at once, or read just one topic at a time. With either approach, you’ll quickly learn a lot so you can confidently dive into Lightroom and create stunning images.


  • Chapter 1: Get Organized
  • Chapter 2: Developing Your Image
  • Chapter 3: Next-Level Editing in Lightroom
  • Chapter 4: Sharing Your Images via the Slideshow Module
  • Chapter 5: Creating a Book in Lightroom
  • Chapter 6: Printing Images
  • Chapter 7: Forgotten Modules and Maintenance



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