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1,000 Poses for Photographers and Models

Mehmet Eygi

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Whether you’re the photographer behind the camera or the model in front of the lens, chances are you could use some help with posing, which is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to portrait photography. POSE! provides the knowledge and the inspiration you need to make your next photo shoot a success.

With over 1,000 different looks for you to recreate and experiment with, the book covers a wide range of poses and subject matter in an easily accessible and visually dynamic layout. Photographer and author Mehmet Eygi demonstrates exactly how to get the right pose—from hand and leg placement, to a subtle tilt of the chin, to engaging with props and the environment around you.

Each pose covered consists of a main pose followed by three variations on that pose. Organized by subject matter, POSE! covers:

  • WOMEN: Portrait, Beauty, Fashion, Lingerie, Implied Nude, Curvy, Curvy Boudoir, Sports, Business, Wall
  • MEN: Portrait, Fashion, Implied Nude, Sports, Business, Wall
  • COUPLES: Portrait, Fashion, Implied Nude, Sports
  • MATERNITY: Mother, Couple
  • FAMILY: Parents and Baby, New Family, Children

Whether you use POSE! as an educational tool to explore the art of posing, or you simply use it as a look-book to find photographic inspiration or to help you direct a model, you’ll quickly improve your portrait photography starting with your very next shoot.

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