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Creative Black and White

Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

Harold Davis

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Learn to master the unique challenges of black and white photography, and create high-quality, beautiful images!

In this newly revised and expanded classic guide to black and white photography, renowned photographer Harold Davis breaks through the mystery of digital monochrome. Using more than 200 of his own stunning fully-captioned monochromatic images to illustrate, Davis walks you through the visual ideas that work well with black and white. He shares the technical approaches that you can use to create high-quality monochromatic photos.

With Creative Black & White you'll discover a deeper appreciation for what you can accomplish when taking portraits, landscapes, night photos, close-ups, and more. This book provides both inspiration and technical instruction. You may never photograph the world in quite the same way again! Learn to see and think in black and white:

    • Convert RAW files to black and white
    • Use color information to create black and white photos in Lightroom and Photoshop
    • Create monochromatic images using multi-RAW processing and HDR
    • Learn how to apply solarization, tinting, toning, and other special effects
    • Complete exposure data and the story behind every photo

Find inspiration and instruction for your journey with black and white photography with Creative Black & White



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