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First Moments

Newborn Portraits & Mom Stories

Brooke VanHoy

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Ratgeber / Familie


It’s human nature to melt a little when we’re confronted by the beauty of new life. Newborns are resilient yet fragile, wrinkled yet brand-new. Their soft skin, sweet expressions, and dependence upon us touch us at our very core. For these reasons, and many more, people gravitate toward newborns. In this book, award-winning newborn and children’s photographer Brooke VanHoy presents over 160 heartwarming studio portraits of her smallest clients and provides stories about their new lives with their families. Readers will enjoy personal stories about the moment when couples realized they were becoming parents, the first time they saw they felt the stirrings of life, and the first time they saw their child’s face—plus a collection of thoughts about the parents’ hopes and dreams for their little one’s future. Chock full of world-class portraits, inspirational quotes, and remarkable stories, this book will appeal to readers of all ages.

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