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Ripples in Time

Ron Mueller

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Book 1: The Fold

Book 2: The Message

Book 3: Fold Wormhole

Book 4: Negative Fold

Book 5: Ripples In Time


Book 5: Ripples In Time

The discovery that time has no meaning in the negative Fold realm and that the present can interact with both the past and the future alters the meaning of reality.

Bram realizes that the ability to enter the negative realm empowers that person to have ultimate control of events. Intervening in any manner creates a ripple in the fabric of time and alters events into the future.

Bram discovered how to Fold the Fabric of Space. During learning how to operate using the Fold he had accidentally discovered the alternate negative realm. It exists on what he refers to the negative realm because the mathematics of both his current realm and the negative realm is the same except for the negative signs in all the places where they are positive in his original equations.

His exploration of the negative Fold realm drives home the fact that the negative Fold realm must be closed. It eliminated all meaning to living. One's life has no meaning if anyone operating in the negative realm is able to alter the reality around you.

The discovery of a world similar to Earth provides a way to isolate the knowledge and the use of the Fold process.

Setting up a new world presents an overwhelming challenge that Bram and his team undertake. They also slowly erase all knowledge of the Fold Process on Earth.

An early mistake of sending a time capsule one hundred years into the future results in an attack by the future trying to kill Bram and his team.

Brama his team manage to eliminate the initial threat and then try to make sure that the Fold knowledge is erased in the future.

The avenging descendants of the antagonists that had been eliminated take the opportunity to avenge the deaths of their ancestors by launching high powered missiles to blowup up Bram's house. The missiles are neutralized by the laser shield technology that Bram has developed.

Using all his abilities and the characteristics of the negative realm, Bram creates a labyrinth that requires millions of years to escape and to where he relegates those who insist on using their power in a negative way.

Life on the new planet is managed in a green way. It becomes an Oasis and a place where the animals of Earth are preserved and managed in their natural state. Total independence from Earth is not achieved but total isolation is. Other intelligences are discovered and interacted with.

Only Bram and his team have the Fold technology. It allows them to interact across universe with these other intelligences.

The Ripples in Time are impossible to fully control and must be carefully monitored and controlled.

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Conquering space travel, Breaking speed of light barrier, Managing time into the future., Folding Space