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Name Dropping

Jane Heller

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


“A rollicking and delectable read.” – PEOPLE “A charmingly improbable love story.” – USA TODAY Preschool teacher Nancy Stern soldiers through her days cleaning spills, moderating bathroom breaks, and preventing that one kid in the back of the room from eating glue. America's precious future in her hands, Nancy rises to the occasion, but sometimes she yearns for something a little more glamorous. Already worried she's living a cookie cutter life, she can't even take comfort in being the only Nancy Stern in her apartment building. The penthouse-floor wonder with the same name has a life that may put even the celebrities she interviews for her magazine to shame. To make matters worse for the “lesser” Nancy Stern: No one can seem to get her address right. That pile of party invitations spilling out of her mail box? Not for her. The stunning coat that's arrived straight from the cleaners? Not a chance it's hers. That smooth voice on the other end of the line calling to ask Nancy out on a blind date? Now that is something the penthouse-floor Nancy Stern doesn't have to find out about. The Other Nancy bends her rules and accepts, hoping for a fun night out with a mystery hunk. What she doesn't expect? To fall in love and have her entire humdrum life turned upside down. And just when it can’t get any better, or more complicated for preschool teacher Nancy, she finds herself smack in the middle of something worse: murder. Did someone have an axe to grind with penthouse Nancy, or with her?



Decked, Crystal Clear, Lucky Stars, The Club, Fast Women, contemporary romance, women’s fiction, Three Blonde Mice, Carol Higgins Clarke, Name Dropping, Infernal Affairs, humor, Jane Heller, humor romance, mistaken identity, romantic comedy, Jennifer Cruise