Mumbai Modern: Vegetarian Recipes Inspired by Indian Roots and California Cuisine

Amisha Dodhia Gurbani

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Tradition meets innovation in this celebration of Indian cuisine made for the American kitchen.

Many of us love the flavors of Indian food but are intimidated by the idea of cooking it ourselves. Amisha Gurbani teaches home cooks to embrace spice and build dishes that play with sweet, spicy, sour, and savory flavors. Inspired by the spices and dishes of her native India and the produce-forward cooking style of her adopted home in California’s Bay Area, Gurbani’s culinary creations are remarkable for their unique flavor pairings.

Mumbai Modern offers 100 recipes, complete with Gurbani’s stunning photographs, including breakfasts (whole wheat pancakes with ghee-sautéed banana and cardamom); appetizers and salads (lentil fritters and yogurt sauce); mains (masala veggie burgers); bread, rice, and snacks (poori, roti, panzanella); sauces, dips, and jams (avocado cilantro pepita sauce); desserts (blood orange and hibiscus tart); and drinks (kumquat ginger cinnamon whisky sour).

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