United in Peril

It Can Happen Any Place Any Time

Albert Mordechai

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Belletristik / Essays, Feuilleton, Literaturkritik, Interviews


It can happen any place, any time.

In an era when religion often divides us and spawns terrorism, what could happen if we laid our differences aside to fight terrorism? United in Peril answers that question while tackling several other relevant points that pop up in our daily headlines, such as the following:

• Can good come out of evil?

• Are some acts of terrorism justifiable?

• Can courageous people make a difference?

• Can natural enemies agree to disagree and work for peace?

Join Avi and Sam, from opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, got in the wrong place and the wrong time, along with the Dominican foreign minister, a likely target of terror. With Henry and Emily, they were recently touched by the coordinated terror attacks in Paris, wondering how they set foot again in a violent drama.

Many of the webs of global politics and terrorism intersect on one unremarkable route when the truly remarkable occurs, giving hope to everyone who reads this spellbinding story.

Albert Mordechai on Southern Sense Talk Radio

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