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Tallahassee in History

A Guide to More than 100 Sites in Historical Context

Rodney Carlisle, Loretta Carlisle

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This unique guidebook, organized in chronological order, is a richly illustrated description of more than 100 sites in and around Tallahassee FLorida that together reveal the place of the city and region in history. The book details a wide variety of plantations, forts, homes, churches, streetscapes, museums, and historic ships. From Spanish exploration, second and third Colonial periods, Territorial Era, early statehood, Civil War, Reconstruction and the Gilded Age, the 1890's through the 20s up until present time.

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Fort Gadsden, Fort Barrancas, Panhandle, Adams-Onis, Amelia Island, Rutgers House, Goodwood Museum, Boone, Pat, Jackson, Andrew, Suwannee River, Bush, George W., Adams, John Quincy, Calhoun, John C., Leon County, Carnegie Library, Fort Jefferson, Gore, Al, Choctaw, Wakulla River, Lee, Robert E., Fort Zachary Taylor, Miccosukee, Fort San Marcos, Pitts Farm, Fort Scott, Seminole, Tallahassee, Fort Pickens, Port Leon, Billy Bowlegs, Cracker, Indianhead Acres, Murat House, Apalachee, Fort Walton, McFarlin HOuse, Smokey Hollow, Old City Cemetary, Railroad Square, Wakulla Springs