Data Visualization for Business Decisions

A Laboratory Manual

Fortino Andres Fortino

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This workbook is intended for businessanalysts who wish to improve their skills in creating data visuals, presentations, and report illustrations used to support business decisions. It is a qualitative lab to develop the power of visualization and discrimination. It does not require the reader to modify charts, but to analyze and describe what would improve charts. In a set of controlled exercises, the reader istaken through the eighteen elements of six dimensions of analyzing and improving charts, visuals and reports used to communicate business concepts. Includescompanion files with videos, sample files, and slides used in examples from thebook.Features:Includes eighteen labs, three for each of the six major dimensions of data visuals: Story, Signs, Purpose, Perception, Method,and ChartsUses a comprehensive RAIKS (Rapid Assessment of Individual Knowledge and Skills) survey to judge readers' progress before and after using the textProvides a capstone exercise to review the aggregate analysis and final results for the two analyzed chartsCompanion files that include video tutorials and all of the sample files and templates used in the book's examples

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