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Jane Fonda

The Actress in Her Time

Fred Lawrence Guiles

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Jane Fonda has been in the public eye since birth; just being Henry’s daughter qualified her for celebrity status. However, her intelligence and talent compelled her to reach beyond this birthright to become an individual of extraordinary and diverse accomplishments.

It would take a restless camera to document Jane Fonda’s life for she is a woman of formidable energy, but Fred Lawrence Guiles’ expert commentary captures her in motion. We pursue her in a tireless route of study, self-discovery, and social awareness that causes her to ultimately reject the “Beautiful People” life-style of her first husband, Roger Vadim, for the role of political activist with her present husband, Tom Hayden. We witness how the shift in political climate transforms her from history’s scourge to history’s darling. Yet despite governmental harassment and public scorn for her radical beliefs, she, nonetheless, achieves international acclaim for her acting and twice received the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Candid interviews with friends, relatives, and colleagues enrich this admiring but honest portrait; fifty-three black and white photographs complement an impeccable text vivifying an exceptional woman of many identities. An unmistakable impression remains that Jane Fonda will continue to grow, and the world will continue to watch.

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