Medical Imaging for the Health Care Practitioner

Stewart Quinn

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Healthcare practitioners offer medical services in a wide variety of medical fields, including dentistry, physical therapy,athletic training and nursing. While there are a myriad of different fields to choose from, this focuses on becoming aphysician. Physicians examine, diagnose and treat patients, often prescribing medication or lifestyle changes. This textdelivers an easy-to-understand approach to selecting diagnostic imaging tests. This unique book provides foundationaltools and concepts of the full range of medical imaging, including radiology, the basics of interpretation of plain radiographs,comparison with other testing modalities and exploration and interpretation of chest, abdomen, extremity, and spinalradiographs. It is a concise, easy-to-use reference and includes figures, tables, and patient films to demonstrate concepts, anddiscusses in easily accessible language-differences in testing modalities. The text also features a step-by-step interpretationof radiographs. The book will be an asset to nurse practitioners and physician assistants working in all emergencies, urgent,intensive, and primary care settings. It will also benefit physicians, medical students and graduate students in acute care,family, adult/gerontology, and emergency nurse practitioner programs, as well as in other settings.

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