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Why Me? Not Me?

The New Face of P.T.S.D

Lavonia M. Graham

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Domestic violence, rape, abuse, bullying, poverty, a dysfunctional family, bad relationships, homelessness, health issues, and death--Lavonia Graham became a ticking time bomb about to explode. Over the past five years, she went through some hard storms that would not only test her faith in God but would bring her to a point in her life that would break her physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She finally realized she needed help. With the help of a wonderful team, her counselor, doctors, and her lawyer, Lavonia, was able to get on the right path to her recovery process. She learned that her adulthood and childhood left her vulnerable. She learned the meaning behind the rage and anger she felt and demonstrated for years. Posttraumatic stress disorder, along with some other mental health disorders, became her new life. Having learned how to accept and cope with this new way of life, she has now discovered it all was for the glory of God. God has instructed her to use it to break the stereotype clause in the Black communities, and the Afro-American church. As she is going through this, the Lord is teaching her how to walk in her calling as a prophetess. He has instructed her to teach, advocate, and bring forth for a new generation that is to come.