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Even Now

Kimberly Sellers

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Even Now is a book about faith and holding onto hope that things all work out for good. The road of faith is indeed a tough road to walk, and some people have no faith at all. Others have it but somehow lose it along the way. This book encourages those who feel all hope is lost, giving them a fresh new start on life and all of its possibilities through the power of believing it can be done. The author knows there is someone who simply thirsts for positive change in their lives but can't get off the hamster wheel of unbelief.

The author, through simple words of encouragement, backed by biblical reference shows her audience that believing is power in itself. Her words are easily interpreted without overuse of extreme jargon and convey to those seeking better in their lives that there is a way to live joyfully and with hope for the new day ahead. The promises that are made to us by God are the principles for which we stand strong, and this book personifies those principles. Hope is a powerful four-letter word, and it's given to us by the Word of God.

This book gives us hope that better is on the horizon when we trust and believe it to be done. The author has granted us a peek inside God's gentle and humble heart and encourages the reader to try Him for themselves. Life can be hard to endure for many people, but this book provides a road map that leads to the One who can provide hope in the middle of despair, peace in the middle of a storm, and a solid foundation where the ground you stand upon feels unstable. Take the opportunity to read this book and take the challenge to start your journey with faith in God to do the things that seem impossible. See what a difference it can make in your life.