Damage of Secrets

Owens Louise Owens

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A perfect summer afternoon in 1976 shattered by an abduction that changes the lives of one family forever. Their mother lost, twin sisters are torn apart - whilst one kept her secret, the other went on to self- destruct. Nearly forty years later, one of the sisters is dying. After years of mutual mistrust, the twins are brought back together in the family home. Can either of them find it in their heart to forgive the other for their betrayal?Preparing to leave her family, Violet needs to confront her guilt. At once rigid and vulnerable, she throws her shadow over all around her. Can she bring peace to herself at the end of her life?Rose has led a chaotic life and now must confront truths long withheld; a secret that could have saved both her and her mother from the torments of their mind. Will she find it within herself to forgive her twin now that she is about to lose her forever?In the middle of the tension, Violet's son Oliver struggles with his own guilt. He has met a woman who is keeping his full attention from his mother. Can he allow himself to find love while Violet is vanishing from his life?Meanwhile, a young woman needs help. Could an attempt to rescue her be the saving grace for all of them?Set amongst the unforgiving landscape of the fenlands of eastern England, One for Sorrow explores the vulnerabilities and struggles of a family over three generations. Trying to pull together a life and happiness amid the backdrop of real or perceived dangers, they all hide behind unspoken truths. Jealousy, weakness, and infidelity haunt their attempts to find harmony just when they all need it most. Will the basic human need of one human being needing another win through in the end?

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