The Productivity Factor

How to Accomplish Twice as Much in Half the Time

John Demartini

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Knowing your unique hierarchy of values, or highest priorities, is the most important place to start if you intend to be successful personally and professionally. 

Whether you wish to grow your finances, advance to a higher leadership position, have more influence in your business, transform your relationships, improve your health or be more productive, it all starts with understanding what’s highest on your list of Values.

So often because we minimize ourselves to other people and put them on pedestals we sometimes inject their highest values into our lives. We compare ourselves to them and think that somehow with our values we’re not as successful or high achieving as they are. Whenever we do that, and we minimize ourselves to these individuals in whatever walk of life, financially or socially, we end up in a vicious cycle minimizing ourselves further and instead of attempting to live according to our highest values we attempt to live according to the values that we think we should be living by according to these people we’ve injected the values from. When we do that, we disempower ourselves. We attempt to do something that is truly not inspiring to us and there is less discipline and more disorder associated with it.

Whatever is lowest on our set of values, we require motivation from without. However, we know that whatever we believe has the most value, inspires us from within. When we are motivated from within, we gain confidence, we believe the world is working on our behalf and believe: I Know, I Am and I Can.

Knowing and being clear on your highest values is the secret to creating an inspired and fulfilled life, one that makes us the happiest and the most productive because we’ve set our goals accordingly. Let Dr. John Demartini show you how to become clear on where to focus and what to build your life around, to expand your potential and find success across all areas, including mental development, business empowerment, financial empowerment, physical health and well-being, social leadership and influence, familial relationships, and spiritual empowerment.

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