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Aging Agelessly

Busting the Myth of Age-Related Mental Decline

Tony Buzan, Raymond Keen

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This book reverses everything you believed about the brain and aging. The brain doesn’t deteriorate as you get older: your brain can improve with age.

It makes sense: older people have experienced more in life than younger people. They’ve had to adapt to many more changes, so older brains are potentially more flexible. Your brain has virtually infinite possibilities for learning and making connections, and this capacity can increase as you age.

This book shows you how. It will enable you to become a much better thinker and communicator as you progress through life. You will be able to:

  • Remember names, facts, and figures using easy to learn memory techniques.
  • Achieve higher levels of creativity, clearer organization of thoughts, increased concentration, better communications, and dramatically improved memory and creativity.
  • Read more rapidly and with greater retention.
  • Learn principles and techniques used by great minds in the business, sports, and creative worlds.
This book will show you how to apply these principles for success. With this knowledge, you will be able to achieve just about anything you want and do it progressively better as you mature!