Unlock Your Greatness

6 Essential Steps to Self-Transformation

Zig Ziglar

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In this life-changing book, Zig will show you how to unleash your own hidden potential.

By working methodically through the 6 steps that are outlined in each of the book's 6 chapters, you will have the perfect combination to unlock your greatness, and firmly establish your lasting imprint on the world. You’ll be using the power of your mind to achieve a level of self-confidence and success that you previously thought were out of reach. The core idea that Zig will present to achieve this, is one that Zig learned from the classic researcher Maxwell Maltz---and that’s the idea of self-image. While the term “self-image” is rarely used today, this breakthrough idea is at the core of much modern thinking in psychology and neuroscience. Until you change the “image” you have of yourself in your brain, you’ll never achieve the goals you have for yourself, due to self-sabotage and other neural factors that keep you locked safely in your comfort zone.

Another way of thinking of the concept of “self-image” and how to program one’s self-image for positive results is what Zig considers the preferred outcome----which is “self-transformation.” So when Zig discusses “self-image” let it trigger the idea of self-transformation. If you follow the steps that follow, and unleash the power of your mind to develop a positive self-image, you will unlock your greatness…..and Zig will see YOU at the top!

You will learn how to:

  • Acquire a healthy self-image
  • Find success
  • Become more positive
  • Cultivate great relationships



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