The World Class Wealth Mindset

Four Pillars to Building Personal Freedom

Arash Vossoughi

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Have you wanted to build a life of financial freedom, but struggle to see results? From entrepreneurs to corporate executives, professionals and freelancers, virtually everyone can benefit from improving their wealth mindset.

In The World Class Wealth Mindset: Four Pillars to Building Personal Freedom, Elite Coach and Mindset Mentor Arash Vossoughi identifies the four pillars that support the world-class mindset of wealth. When you refine your self image, raise your standards, develop a positive mental attitude, and cultivate the habits of discipline, wealth and financial freedom must follow.

As the creator of the Millionaire Mastermind and 7-Figure Self-Image programs, Arash has inspired individuals in over 2 dozen countries to achieve new levels of confidence, discipline, leadership, and revenue.

From this extensive experience, in The World Class Wealth Mindset: Four Pillars to Building Personal Freedom, Arash will show you how to:

  • Raise your standard
  • Apply consistent discipline
  • Reverse engineer your goals
  • Use the tools and step-by-step instruction that allow you to take massive action
  • Maximize and expedite quantum leap results
  • And more…
It’s time to level up your life. It’s time to develop a World Class Mindset.

As Co-Founder and President of Voss Coaching Co. Arash Vossoughi has made it his purpose in life to help individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs break through barriers and achieve personal freedom. 



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