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In the Light of Silence

Linda Carrillo

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


After a drunk driver leaves her with an impaired memory and a consuming anger, scientist Kate Solterra retreats to the Virginia mountains to reconstruct her life. Anticipating a peaceful place to recover, she doesn't expect to find a group of Quakers involved in offering a safe haven to refugees fleeing the Salvadoran Civil War. Kate feels a strong connection to the refugees because, like her, they must reinvent their lives. When Kate's involvement with the Quaker Meeting and the refugees leads to her becoming a target of those objecting to the Quakers' plans, she makes a radical decision. Although Kate believes in science, not faith, she begins making a truce with her limitations and realizes that she indeed can create a different kind of life for herself--and to her surprise, God may be speaking to her out of those deep silences in the Meetinghouse, after all. In the Light of Silence is a story about marshaling courage to respond to fear, maintaining faith in the midst of doubt, and experiencing the redemptive power of forgiveness.



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