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Resurrection and Spirit

From the Pentateuch to Luke-Acts

Brian W. Lidbeck

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


The preachers in Acts are Spirit-filled people who have one message to proclaim: the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. The themes of resurrection and Spirit converge at Pentecost when Peter boldly announces that the risen Christ has poured out the Holy Spirit. A new stage in redemptive history has arrived, but is it entirely new? As it turns out, the concept of resurrection is not new at all--it goes back much farther than many people realize and has its roots in the Pentateuch. At the same time, the Holy Spirit has advanced God's agenda from the very beginning. When these two eschatological themes meet on the lips of Peter at Pentecost, thousands suddenly realize who Jesus is. They acknowledge Luke's central teaching: Jesus is Lord and Christ. Resurrection and Spirit traces these two Lukan themes from the Pentateuch to Luke-Acts and invites the reader to discover a new depth of appreciation for Jesus, the Lord and Christ.



Pentecostal, Biblical Theology, Christology, Christian Theology, Lukan Studies, Pneumatology, Christianity, Resurrection, Eschatology, Biblical Studies, Resurrection and Spirit, Criticism and exegesis of sacred texts, Theology, Brian W. Lidbeck