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The Good Shepherd and Witness Coins

Scott Spearing

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Two of the most pivotable points in human history have been told and retold by books, songs, plays, and movies. Each time the interpretations focus on the same details or a modified version of these events. Translations offers up a different perspective of these events through the eyes of lesser-mentioned observers to the events. At the same time, the book's main character has his own transformation from a young, brash, impatient individual into someone who is ready to face the world and its challenges. Now you can walk with Matthew Brooks and experience these pivotable events with fresh eyes, and hopefully a new understanding.

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FICTION, Biblical Studies, Translations, Fictional View, shepherds, Religious and spiritual fiction, resurrection, Christian, Historical, Historical fiction, Scott Spearing, New Testament, Christian History, roman soldier