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The Politics of the Crucified

The Cross in the Political Theology of Yoder, Boff, and Sobrino

John C. Peet

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Jesus died, not peacefully in bed, but on the cross, the instrument of execution used by the Romans to keep potential disturbers of the established political order in their place. Until the pioneering work of Jurgen Moltmann, the cross has been the "elephant in the room" in Christian political theology. This book explores the difference Jesus's crucifixion makes (or should make) to Christian political theology, by examining the crucifixion in the theologies of the Mennonite John Howard Yoder and the liberation theologians Leonardo Boff and Jon Sobrino. In the light of the cross and of the kenotic God revealed by the cross, questions of political power are explored, and a kenotic political ethic outlined. In conclusion, suggestions are made as to how the contemporary church can live out a cruciform, or cross-shaped, political spirituality and ecclesiology.

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