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Theological Explorations of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life

Joel L. Parkyn

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Speculation regarding the plurality of worlds and the existence of intelligent extraterrestrials has remained an important question for Christian theology from antiquity until modernity. Advancements in space science now reveal a vast universe containing trillions of galaxies, and new discoveries of exoplanets, providing an unprecedented greater context and perspective in consideration of the place of humanity, possible intelligent extraterrestrials, and the role of divinity in relation to creatures. These scientific discoveries have increased the importance of understanding the relation of extraterrestrials to the Christian doctrines of the incarnation and redemption. An examination of the history of developments in scientific and theological thought on extraterrestrials, from antiquity to the twenty-first century will demonstrate a consistent pattern of theological formulations of extraterrestrials and their relation to Christian theology, however, without sufficient resolution. En route, this book explores ideas of extraterrestrial 'anthropology', psychology, morphological possibilities, sociological compositions, extraterrestrial religions, implications of contact, and argues for a 'divine pedagogy' of potential modalities of supernatural presence and action with extraterrestrial intelligences.

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