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Lies and Deceit

The Finale

AD Downey

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Ratgeber / Familie


The Dunningans have been through a lot as a family. Mama Dunningan has two children, a son and a daughter, but she gives the daughter away. Lies and Deceit will reveal why she did what it. Meanwhile, things grow farther apart between Mama and Daddy Dunningan. They hope things can be put back to normal, but what is normal for the Dunningans? The past always keeps popping up like flies at a picnic. Now Malise, the daughter that was given away, is going through her own personal dilemma. She finds out something about her current boyfriend that she don’t know how to deal with. She loves him so much and is willing to look the other way. Then a blast from the past comes up. Cilas is trying to contact Malise and tell her something that she desperately needs to hear, but Malise doesn’t want to hear it because of the way he treated her. Malise then receives a phone call from Cilas’s uncle who says that Cilas has been in a serious accident and Cilas wants to see her. Malise is torn about what she should do but doesn’t want to make any waves with her current boyfriend. Douglas has ticked off the wrong woman, and there is hell to pay. Now that the chain has been broken in the Dunningan family, no one saw this coming. Can they all put it back together or has the time come for everyone to do what is best for them and move on? Sometimes things happen for one reason or another. All we or anyone can do is deal with the hand that has been dealt and pray that all goes well.

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Suspense, Family Relationships, Lies and Deceit