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Rain of Love River of Tears

Jean Phenson Fleury, Sidon Joseph

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Theater, Ballett


This is a story of two brilliant students, Michael and Romeo, who met in high school and were mocked by their fellow students as two best friends. They discovered their flair for music through an amazing musical performance at their prom party. Despite offers from the top universities, they chose music as their career path. Their career started in a piano bar where every performance of theirs was unique. There, Michael met Hilda, who bore him a child and died right after giving birth. Michael named his son Fleury, who was dying to find someone to call “Mom.” Later on, Fleury and Michael—while playing in a park—found Melody to complete their family. But soon after, Michael was innocently thrown in jail for trying to save a life, and Melody was taken away from Fleury due to a terrible accident. Meanwhile, Fleury, a master brain who became a lawyer, salvaged his father.

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Drama, suspense, Romance, Jean Fleury, Slice of Life, thriller, Rain of Love River of Tears, life